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    Shockwave 3D interface

      Okay. I'm trying my best to figure out the interface for 3D in Director 11. All I see is camera manipulators. But how do I manipulate the 3D objects? What am I missing? Plugins, etc?

      Thanks, Brian
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          multiduck Level 1
          If it's in the authoring tool you mean you can use ullalas 3DPI or w3dToolbar.

          In your own applications you are pretty much on your own doing it through lingo, although there are plenty of examples out there for example on NonLinear and Deans Director Tutorials
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            honeyscrub Level 1
            Thank you for your help. So each of these authoring tools allows me to drag and drop objects into the 3D interface?

            Also. Does anyone know why Adobe doesn't have books, dvds, etc to support Director 11?

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              multiduck Level 1
              Well, no. The information text on the sites explains what they do, to get the best picture download them and try them out they are easy to use.

              As for doping objects into a w3d sprite, simply put you can't do that unless it's a script. All models, textures etc has to be included in the w3d file exported from your 3d application. Alternatively you can use lingo to create them or clone them from another w3d member. Check the later two links for tutorials on this, you'll most likely need to look at these if you want to be able to do anything useful in 3d with director.

              As for books, it's rarely the creators of a piece of software that writes them, but if there is a demand for books etc someone will make them. And keep in mind Director 11 has only been out for a month and a half.
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                honeyscrub Level 1
                As always, thanks.