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    Fujifilm F600EXR ACR capability

    RASouthworth Level 3

      I'm interested in the F500 as a compact, long zoom, with raw capability.  It seems to operate in two modes, either 16mp normal or 8mp low noise/high dynamic range,  ACR 6.5 includes support for this camera; however, I can't find information as to how the 16mp/8mp EXR functionality is handled in raw.  Has anybody used ACR for this camera, and if so what is your experience?


      Richard Southworth

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          RASouthworth Level 3

          Typo, s/b F600.


          Richard Southworth

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            RASouthworth Level 3

            One more shot - there are claims that with the right settings (DR400%, etc.) the EXR two pixel binning mode will somehow wend its way thru the camera into the raw captures.  Anybody from Adobe that can shed light?


            Richard Southworth

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              Owyhee River

              I recently got the Fuji F600EXR to take on a trip rather than hauling around a Nikon D300. Photoshop CS5 can open the raw files and process them  Don't know how 8/16 is handled in Raw as I shot most of the images in JPG fine. I really like the Fuji result. Put together a book on the trip on Snapfish and in that size of image the results were as good as anything I have shot with a Nikon DSLR.  Some examples here:


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                Hi Richard,


                I don't have that camera but I've used the HS10, HS20 and the X10.  It is my understanding that if you shoot in RAW-only mode the camera defaults to a single full resolution RAW image, meaning you won't take advantage of the binning features of the EXR sensor.  However, if you shoot in RAW+JPG mode and select M for the image size the camera will write a RAW file that is pre-binned as a single half resolution RAW file.  There are some additional restrictions, I believe if you shoot at an ISO value that is less than the DR value it will still be a full size image, e.g. if you use DR400 and shoot ISO 200 it will be a full res image, but I'm not positive. 


                I've seen that ACR/LR can generally read both the 'full' size RAW images and the 'half' size RAW images that these cameras create.


                If you google search there are some blogs with a bit more information that will be helpful.