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      I am trying to move up from flex 1.5 to 3

      Is new release clairgorm framework planned for flex 3 (last one I saw was 2.1)

      I really like that framework , now it is from Adobe labs

      Sould I use 2.1 version for flex 3 etc...

      I will appreciate any comments

      thank you very much
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          slaingod Level 1
          It works fine as is with Flex 3. I think there are some changes coming, but these more relate to cairngorm itself than flex sdk version.
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            bitwyse Level 1
            I too am unable to get my existing cairngorm application to run once compiled in FB 3.0.

            I had to add fds.swc to get it to compile yet, I get numerous warnings like this one:

            3604: You should now use one of the strongly typed methods for returning a service. CairngormEIS/com/psc/eis/business GetASUpdatesDelegate.as line 31

            When I run the appliation I get the following error when the first web service is called:

            Cannot find definition for type 'urn:DefaultNamespace:::ProjectControls'

            I tried using the wsdl importer but was unable to figure out how to implement all the generated classes into my existing application.

            Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!


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              slaingod Level 1
              I did have to make a number of changes to my existing Cairngorm applications as well (particularly with Resource bundles), but they shouldn't be an issue for a new project. There are 2 versions of Cairngorm now I believe, one for Flex Data Services, one without. I have no experience with the FDS stuff.
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                krisk58 Level 1
                thank you very much for comments.

                i will post info as i go - still dogged in c++