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    Firefox 1.5 and Flex apps issues

      I've been developing a Flex application for a while, and testing it correctly in Mac and Firefox 2 but, since a colegue tested it in Windows with a Firefox 1.5, thinks gone crazy.

      He said he had some issues in windows and Firefox 1.5, and I tested then in Mac and Firefox 1.5, and it is even worse... My application is a HTML page that loads several Flex movies. I don't experience the problems my friend says in Windows, but my Firefox 1.5 crashes when the second Flex movie is loaded, I can't have more than one at a time, even in different Firefox tabs.

      Googling, I find several different problems related to browser-flash player versions... and I'ld like to know if there's a place where I can find centralized information about this inompatibility issues between versions, or what features can make a browser crash...

      thanks in advance,
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          marcbc Level 1
          More on this...
          these crashes when more than 1 of my Flex movies are loaded happen in Firefox for Mac, but do NOT happen for FF .

          I tried to see what was making the browser crash, simplifying my movies. Started working ok, but when introducing complexity, at some point started to crash (no way of finding what's causing it, RPC methods, External Styles loading, Resource Bundles... don't know).

          But feel very disappointed :-( wasn't flash the solution for cross browser compatibility?
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            marcbc Level 1
            more updates in my personal trauma:

            my colegue's problem in FF 1.5 in Win is related to mouse interaction with flash movies as exposed in:


            an easy fix seems to change the movies wmode to "window", and it does the trick, but it's not valid for me because I need to display HMTL content over the movie and "window" is not valid for that.

            will keep going mad with it...