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    Smooth transitions -

    chucktheweevil Level 1

      I ove my videos to have a ice smoth, professional fee to them. I couldm use some help with transistions.


      Weh I add an effect (zoom, tilt, pan, etc.) and add a transition. the efffect aways defaults to the end of the transition giving a "jerky" look and feel. I go into the keyfram editor a4d slide the start points of the zoom and the scale to the extreme part of the frame and it looks GREAT. But boy, does this take time.!


      Is ther any default in the system to tell the effect to go full frame regardless of transition time? i cant find anything - and I'm sure there is an easier way.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm sure we could help you, Chuck, if we understood what the heck you're asking.


          Do you allow head and tail material beyond the end points of your clips to create the transitional segment, as Bill Hunt discusses in his Tips & Tricks article?


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            chucktheweevil Level 1

            I'm sorry - I just figured out my special circumstance and why you wonder!


            I use PE to do slideshows to music with still photos - not video to video tranistion as that is very easy. It is the still to still that I struggle with - getting a smooth transition.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Where are you constructing your SlideShows?


              If in PrE, how are you doing the Pan & Zooms, Keyframes of the Fixed Effects>Motion>Position and Motion>Scale?


              Which Transitons are you using?


              Good luck, and please let us know a bit more.



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                chucktheweevil Level 1

                Hi there! Thanks


                I import still frames into PE8. I then use a variety of transitions, Twist,fade, flip awaye, etc.


                For my motion to the pics, I use a combination of presets in PE8 along with custom made ones. (Like a zoom in, rotate right)


                When I create the preset, my keyframes are at the extremes of the image, into the transition on the keyframe on the editor panel. When  I then drag that prest to another still frame, it positions the keyframes at the transition/still intersection point.


                What I really need is :

                1) Drag stills to the timeline

                2) add presets that go are active full frame

                3) Thern add transitions without transitions"pushing" my keyfrmaes in.


                Make sense?


                Thanks you

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  After you have added your Keyframes, and your Transitions, while in Timeline View Mode, you should have red lines above both the Keyframed Clips and the Transitions. Have you Rendered the Timeline (Enter/Return key), to get the smoothest possible playback? If not, do that, and then play.


                  Good luck,