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    Line reference point repositions while changing length


      Hi all,

      I ran into a strange possible bug in Indesign CS5 (so far all updates affected 7.0.1, 7.0.4, Czech version) - basically it seem like selecting referrence point while trasnsforming (angled) line is not selecting the actual end of line, but some other spot in the object, thus resulting in line's refference point "moving" along with changing length (length typed in length field)... I tried to disable the "Dimensions Include Stroke Weight" option as well, but it is not helping...


      (when the line is of 0pt thickness it seems like working correctly)


      To replicate the situation do:

      - Create line  of some thickness (i.e. 3pt), and sloped (angle other than 0 or 90 degrees)

      - In refferrence point selector choose one of the line endpoints

      - Change the length of line by typing in different length - and watch the reference point jumping to different position...


      Is this a bug, or a  feature, which can be disabled?

      Any idea for workarround?