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    Flash Builder 4.6 code hinter problem - not showing some methods


      Hi All,


      I have a problem with FB code hinter. It does not show some methods on an object.

      To be exact I created a Date object and FB code hinter does not show .toDateString method (actually I it shows only one to string method - .ToString(), although according to docs there are more)


      When I use .toDateString method, code still compiles and work just fine, however method is not showing up in code hinter, which is really annoying..


      Anyone had this problem? If so, please, share some wisdom how to solve this thing.


      Thanks in advance.



      Here is some more info in my problem.

      I have tried to reinstall the application, but it did not help.

      So what I did was:

      * first I installed FB standard edition version 4.

      * I checked the code hinter and it worked. It showed .toDateString method.

      * I have purchased FB standard 4.5 upgrade.

      * I installed this upgrade, and boom the code hinter does not show the method...

      * Next I tried to create a project with Flex 4.1 sdk and then it worked - method was there. So the problem is with 4.6 sdk apparently...sucks...