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    Premiere CS 5 - discrete split audio quick time outputs


      I am a relatively new user to CS5. I have a background with Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro. 


      I need to send an edit of my movie to a music composer. The standard for this is to have the audio split in the Quicktime file - dialog and effects panned left; music panned right.


      I can mix the tracks in Premiere this way but all the output settings - mono vs. stereo, etc - have all the audio tracks mixed into the L channel and the R channel.


      After searching the forums and multiple outputs I don't think there is a way to do this in CS5.


      A few questions:


      1) is it possible to make split audio outputs in CS5?

      2) CS5.5 has more features, especially to send to Audition - does CS5.5 do split audio w or w/out the use of Audition?

      3) is this on Adobe development list? 

      4) is there a work around?


      So far I really liked CS5 but not being able to make split audio outputs severely limits the ability of the product to be used in high end productions when you are dealing with sound houses and music composers who expect this to be standard.


      Both Avid and FCP (the pre-X versions I've used) can do this.


      Any advice?


      thank in advance