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    Problem with downloading epubs with ADE




      I bought some ebooks, downloaded ACSM files and tried to open them with ADE. When I dragged acsm into ADE, oraz simply opened them with it, nothing happens. Ebooks won't download, but there were no error messages. I also noticed, that after deleting ebook from my bookshelf I cannot download it again. Do anyone have an idea what can be the problem?


      My computer is succesfully authorized. I tried to reinstall ADE and after reinstalling it asked to complete pending downloads, but after clicking 'yes' nothing happens. I disabled both firewall and antivirus software and still the same.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          There are a couple of points in your post.  First, .ascm files are not

          ebooks - they are a small file that points to the location of the ebook

          itself, so that your copy of ADE can find them and download them.


          Next, you have some choices when you download an ebook.  You can download

          an ebook via ADE (you mentioned 'oraz', not ADE) to either ADE in Reading

          mode by clicking on the OPEN tab when downloading, or ADE's Library by

          clicking on the SAVE tab.  If you use the OPEN tab, then when you close the

          ebook in Reading mode, it will not show up in the Library.


          I'm not sure why you say 'ebooks won't download' because parts of the rest

          of your post seem to indicate that they do.  I guess you need to give us

          more information about what you're doing and what's happening, if what I

          said above doesn't help.



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            Maedhros222 Level 1

            Thanks for reply!


            ad. 1) Yes, I know. I meant that ADE should download epub or pdf, when I open .acsm file in it. I not wrote it clearly, sorry

            ad. 2) 'Oraz' is just polish word for 'and' It was my mistake I tried only ADE, by: dragging .acsm into it, or opening it by library -> open. I also tried to downlad epub via URL that was in .acsm file, but it was unreadable.

            ad. 3) Now ebooks won't download. I bought some books before and I don't had any problem with them.


            The problem is, that nothing happens when I try to open .acsm file in ADE in any way. My .acsm files aren't expired, nor I get any error messages or download window. Simply nothing happens.


            I found somewhere on Adobe Forums, that renaming the folder restore might help, but in my case it doesn't


            Message was edited by: Maedhros222 My problem has been solved! It was a problem with my NAT router, which somehow prevents any Adobe Software from connecting to the Internet (also - MS Security Essentials for instance). Thank you very much, Frustrated AZ, for your help!

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              This post is advertising a product that is sold by the individual doing the

              post.  Advertising is not allowed on the forum.


              It is illegal to remove DRM restrictions from epublications.



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                Maedhros222 Level 1

                Also, the problem has been solved. I'm buying legal product  to use legal product and without any problems

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                  I am having the exact smae problem - howver I still haven't been able to resolve mine.

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                    Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                    If your problem was the 'exact smae' thing, then the solution would have

                    worked!  So - there's probably something different about your situation.


                    Pardon me if I restate the obvious, but I have to do that in order to make

                    sure that the bases are covered.


                    First, I'm going to assume that we're talking about downloading ebooks to

                    your computer, not transferring them from your computer to your ereader.


                    Next, you didn't specify what software operating system you use, and there

                    are differences in response based on what that software is.  If it's

                    Windows XP, then I can help out because that's the system on my computer.

                    If it's Windows 7, there are others who have had problems with the security

                    in Win7 that have prevented them from downloading - even when they thought

                    that all the settings were correct.  If you're running a MAC, I can give

                    you only generic information.  I understand that there are differences also

                    on a MAC between Snow Lepoard and Lion OS, but I don't know firsthand what

                    that entails.


                    Generically, for a Windows XP environment:  your copy of ADE should be

                    registered with Adobe, and you have an Adobe ID and password.  If it's

                    installed correctly, your copy will have all of its parts recorded in the

                    Windows registry, and be accessible via either the icon on the desktop or

                    All Programs > Adobe > Adobe Digital Editions > Adobe Digital Editions.  If

                    you can bring it up on the screen, it's good to go.


                    Next is finding the site from which you wish to download ebooks.  Keep in

                    mind that Amazon is linked to Kindle and does not support the .epub format

                    that ADE uses.  B&N also has tight ties to the Nook, and won't have .epub

                    ebooks either.  SONY uses its Reader library service for its ereaders, and

                    will have proprietary 'tags' in their ebooks, although they do have ebooks

                    in .epub format.  Other sites across the Internet have .epub ebooks that

                    conform to the guidelines and don't have any proprietary issues

                    (Gutenberg.org, Manybooks.net and others).  Libraries are an entirely

                    different animal.  They may have a variety of formats available, but

                    'should' have .epub as one of your choices.


                    Downloading - generically - should be just a matter of going to the site

                    where the ebook is, selecting 'download' and .epub format, and pressing the

                    button.  But here's the catch: some sites will go through the process and

                    will activate ADE on your computer as part of that process.  Some won't.


                    When the download process begins, you will have a choice whether to save or

                    open the ebook.  As I said in my previous post, when that happens, if you

                    SAVE it, the ebook will go into ADE's Library.  If you OPEN it, the ebook

                    will go into ADE's Reading mode.  You won't find it in the Library view,

                    but the ebook is still there, and with a little manipulation, you can add

                    it to your Library.


                    For ebooks you check out of the library, you should use the SAVE feature

                    always, because ADE will tell you how much longer the ebook is valid on

                    your computer in the Library screen.  That's very helpful, if you're not

                    reading it from cover to cover in one or two sittings.


                    If something in this process isn't working, please use this guide to tell

                    us where things are breaking down, and we can dive into more depth to

                    discover what to do.


                    Hope this helps!


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                      Pbowsmith Level 1

                      Okay, so my symptoms are the same but obviously the solution isn't - but hey, if you are willing to help then I'm going to be grateful! Basically I bought a Adobe DRM e-book which can only be opened by ADE from the kobo website. So I downloaded the acsm file from Kobo and then I save it and try to open it - what happens next is this; ADE opens up but nothing happens - no book! ADE is already authorised to my computer, I have tried de-authorising and re-authorising and I've tried uninstalling and re-installing ADE with no luck. I am running Vista and for the most part use Mozilla firefox but I have tried it with Internet Explorer also. I have tried the same process with free ADE books from Kobo and still nothing. I can sucessfully downloaded books from Adobe sites with no problem.

                      As I say I would be extremely grateful for any help.

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                        Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                        It's not working....  I wish I had a better answer.  Try contacting

                        'Jim_Lester' on the board - he may have one....



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                          Pbowsmith Level 1

                          I have since been able to download my book using another computer - now perhaps the problem was with my computer, but the fact remains that ADE technical support sucks! As does Kobo"s. I"m still within my 30 days to return the e-reader, anybody have any experience with Kindle?

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                            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                            Kindle is an "Amazon-only" device, meaning that Kindle devices don't play

                            with the rest of the world very well, if at all.  Kindles do play with

                            Amazon very well, but you're limiting yourself to ebooks and other

                            epublications that come from Amazon....



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                              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                              New ereaders are coming online every day, or so it seems.  ADE does not yet

                              support the Kindle Fire (or any Kindle), or at least does not say that it

                              does on the website (See

                              http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices).  My statement

                              may have been a bit broad, but the essence is that Android devices aren't

                              supported by ADE, as it limits itself to running on Windows and MAC

                              platforms, with limited interface support for attached devices on those

                              platforms.  If there is software running on the Android platform that will

                              interface with Windows or MAC machines, then it's possible that ADE will

                              work, and you can see this in the list of Supported Devices.  MAC software

                              seems to be more flexible than Windows software, but that doesn't mean ADE

                              on a MAC will work any better than ADE on a PC.



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                                I am having a similar problem gettin books I have downloaded from my library to open in ADE.  When I use the "add item to library" function, it will only allow PDF or EPUB documents to be added. Yet, the books I downloaded from the library are still .acsm files and ADE doesn't recognize them.  I hope this is clear.  Can you help.


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                                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                  I understand.  Your process has broken down somewhere along the way,

                                  because .ascm files should not be on your computer.  Those files are simply

                                  pointers to where an ebook is located, and should have opened ADE when you

                                  downloaded them.  ADE then would use that data to go and get the ebook and

                                  download it.  Libraries occasionally forget to add the instructions to

                                  .ascm files to open ADE when you try to download.


                                  What I would suggest is that you use a utility program on your computer to

                                  find those .ascm files.  Once you know where they are, then use the 'open

                                  with' function in the utility (right-click on the file name in Windows and

                                  select 'Open With'.  Don't know the equivalent in MAC).  ADE 'should' open

                                  the file and give you the ability to download it to your computer.  If that

                                  doesn't work, then I'd contact the library's technical support

                                  function, and explain that you can't open their downloads and see if they

                                  can help you from their end.  Be aware, though, that one of the parameters

                                  in those files is the length of time you are authorized to use the ebook,

                                  and if you've been playing with these files, the clock on your loan may

                                  have expired.  If that's the case, ADE will tell you that the license has

                                  expired, and you'll have to have the library clear the way for you to

                                  download the ebooks again.


                                  Hope this helps!


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                                    jdmiw Level 1

                                    Thank you for the quick response.

                                    I am able to find the .ascm files on the computer, but even when I say open with ADE, they do not open with ADE.  I will try contacting the library to see if it is something on their side.


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                                      If you get a solution to this, please post it...I had a similar problem.

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                                        jdmiw Level 1

                                        I did get this problem fixed for my computer.  Here are the instructions I was given that worked for me. 


                                        1. Close Adobe Digital Editions.

                                        2. Go to 'Documents | My Digital Editions' and rename the 'restore'

                                        folder to 'restore.old'.

                                        3. Download a fresh copy of the title from your library account.

                                        4. When clicking the download button for the title, if you are asked to

                                        'Open' or 'Save' the .ACSM file, select the 'Open' option so that Adobe

                                        Digital Editions opens the file and begins downloading your title.


                                        Good luck.


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                                          This really worked...I've tried everything, and wasn't really expecting your idea to work.  So when it did I just wanted more people to know that renaming the "restore" file to "restore.old" worked!!!


                                          You have saved me a ton of frustration!!



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                                            juno timothy

                                            I have had same problem and been communicating with library for days to try to fix, but this worked (renaming the restore file to "restore.old")!  Thank you so very much.


                                            Can you explain why this works?

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                                              jdmiw Level 1

                                              I have no idea why this worked.  I just followed the instructions from Overdrive media.  I am just glad to get the annoying problem fixed.