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    Does the Adobe Labs Cirrus Server support Shared Objects?


      Does anyone know if the free cirrus service adobe labs provides support remote shared objects?

      Im trying to use a remote shared object to communicate NearID's between instances of my flash app.

      The sync event does not trigger after setting a property on the shared object, no errors are raised either.


      function initialize():void{


           SO = SharedObject.getRemote("identifiers", NetConnection.uri, false);


      catch (error:Error){

           status_textbox.text = error.toString();



           SO.addEventListener(SyncEvent.SYNC, syncUpdateHandler);

           SO.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, netConnectionHandler);



           SO.setProperty("nearid", NC.nearID);



      function syncUpdateHandler(event:SyncEvent):void{

           status_textbox.text = "Sybc Trigerred";



      The help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          the codename Cirrus service does not support shared objects. Cirrus is not FMS.


          the *only* things Cirrus does are: accept RTMFP connections from clients, P2P lookup/introduction by peerID, group bootstrap (via a group's "server channel" if enabled), and a short message relay function.


          things Cirrus does not do: record streams, stream video on demand, relay streams client-server between connected clients, shared objects, server-side scripts, or any other function FMS performs.