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    Mac Sleep Bug?


      In Mac OS X 10.4 on a powerbook and an ibook, my app looses references to windows created by createRootWindow during a sleep. My App opens notification window on a timer, which then looses all reference to when the computer is woken up. Clicks on actionable items within the notification no longer work, and calls from the main app don't close the window.

      I am creating my window as follows:

      function someFunc(){
      var windowBounds = new air.Rectangle(wl,wt,wb,wr);
      notifyWindow = air.HTMLLoader.createRootWindow(true, notifyOptions, true, windowBounds);
      var loadURI = new runtime.flash.net.URLRequest("notify.html");

      notifyWindow is a global var declared earlier.

      Anyone run into this problem?