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    Reference monitor not working properly? Cannot ungang from Program monitor

    Bryan Chilcher

      I have a fully edited 4-camera shoot that I want to go back and color correct... So I open the original sequence with the 4 cams on layers V1-V4, gang the ref monitor to program monitor, find a suitable frame for all cams and then turn off all but V1 track. I this point I see V1 track in both prog and ref, as expected. Then, I am unganging ref and prog and turning on the V2 track output. As soon as I enable V2 output, both the ref and prog monitors switch to show the frame on the V2 track - even though it is not ganged.


      Is this normal or is there something wrong with my system? How can I get V2 camera to match the painting I did on V1 if I cannot see them at the same time? Attempting to view V1 in the source monitor as a workaround obviously does not have my Levels effect on it so it is still shifted toward red... I am pretty sure I have watched tutorials on Creative Cow and it does not do this, although now that I think of it he did not have multiple tracks on top of each other and switching video tracks on and off - just 2 tracks and he was at the point of overlap and just moved back and forth a frame without turning tracks on or off.


      So, is this normal for CS 5.5 ? I cannot imagine that it is, as one of the main reason the ref monitor exists is for color correction... If this is really normal and not a problem with my system, is there a decent workaround? I am drawing a blank and will try back in the morning.

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          Bryan Chilcher Level 1

          I really thought I could get an answer on this here, one way or the other...

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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            I've not tried specifically what you're attempting, but I do know that the program monitor (and reference monitor) will show whichever is the top video track that is enabled... that's the way it works. I believe the "ganging" refers to keeping the reference monitor at the same CTI as the program monitor, but I'm not certain on that, either. I've not tried unganging the ref monitor before (never had a need to).


            What I would recommend you do is to CC your track 1 (as it sounds you've already done) and then alternate turning track 2 on and off as you work to compare with your track 1. I really don't know of any other way to do it, and that's how I've always done it... There may be another way involving nested sequences that I don't know about, though...

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              Bryan Chilcher Level 1

              Thanks. I was dreading a re-install, but truly didn't think there was anything wrong with my install. Assumed this was a bug because it seems so much more intuitive to allow the reference monitor to do what I am trying to do with it. From the HELP file, it goes on and on about how helpful it is for color matching, etc... (below) Yes, it helps by alowing you to view your different scopes, but might be even more helpful if you could view the shot you are trying to match it TO... I will submit a feature-request. Thanks!




              "The Reference Monitor acts like a secondary Program Monitor. You can use a Reference Monitor to compare different frames of a sequence side by side, or to view the same frame of a sequence using different viewing modes.

              You can cue the frame of a sequence displayed in the Reference Monitor independently from the Program Monitor. This way, you can cue each view to a different frame for comparison—to use the color matching filter, for example.

              Alternatively, you can gang the Reference Monitor and Program Monitor together, so that they both show the same frame of a sequence and move in tandem. This is especially useful for color-correcting tasks. By setting the Reference Monitor’s viewing mode to a waveform monitor or vectorscope, you can make adjustments to the color corrector or any other video filter more effectively."


              I cannot imagine that I am the only one who finds this inconvenient... Can anyone else think of a workaround for what I am trying to achieve?