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    PNG showing up as colored bars


      Second time I've had this problem -- imported a .png file and, after a day a two, I launch AE and the png displays as a series of color bars. Was met with two of these this morning when I opened a project file I had been working on last week. Last time I worked on the project was on Thursday and the pngs were fine. (I think I also imported all of the pngs on that Thursday.) Now today, two of them (screenshots I'm using) are showing the bars while the other two (also screenshots) are displaying fine. The pngs show up corrupted in both the project bin and comp. Any way to stop this from happening or at least correct the problem (without losing work) when it does happen? Thanks.


      AE CS5.5 (

      Mac Pro

      OS 10.6.8




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Color Bars mean that the file is missing. You should go to the Project Panel, find the file, and replace the footage. All missing items from that folder should be found. If the file is found but won't reload then the file is probably corrupted. AE cannot corrupt original footage because it only references the footage, it never changes it.


          Make sure that the files are RGB and not CMYK.


          Hope this helps.

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            ted155 Level 1

            Thanks for the assist. Not sure why the files would show up as missing. I might have changed the name of the files on my hard drive (and forgot that I did that). That certainly would explain why they showed up missing.