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    For ADVC 300 Users

    OnTwoWheels77 Level 1

      I have read through everything I could find on this board as well as Grass Valley boards but wanted to confirm the setup of the ADVC 300 prior to starting the conversion process.  I will be converting VHS tapes to DV.  I would like to control the ADVC 300 Video/Audio adjustments via the PC and have set the switch (SW1 No 8) to "PC" and will be using the Picture Controller 300 software. Do I also have to change the Video Audio Adjust Mode switch (SW2 No 1) to "Adjust" or is this for manual adjustment via the unit only?


      Concerning the Picture Controller 300 software:  Do I need to have an external monitor to view the tapes to make the Video/Audio adjustments prior to capturing in PP or can I use the capture utility in PP to view and still adjust with the 300 software?  I guess I'm just a little confused in the proper method of using the 300 software in conjunction with PP's capture utility. 


      Thanks Greg

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          medeamajic Level 2

          I doubt you will have control of the HVS tape deck. You may or may not be able to color correct on the fly. The ADVC is not a highend DV conveter.

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            OnTwoWheels77 Level 1

            I am not looking to control the unit (ADVC 300) directly, I will only be making adjustments to the Video/Audio settings via the PC (Picture Control 300 software) and not manually via the buttons on the unit itself.  And I am not looking to control the VHS desk either. I will control it manually.   Thanks



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              cvid01 Level 4

              I use the ADVC 300. I find it better to use default settings, capture video (& audio) in PPro, then do the adjustments, as necessary, in PPro. That's what PPro does and it does a better job than the ADVC 300. Hence, you do not need to view before capturing. I just finished converting 36 Video8 tapes for a customer. All adjustments and editing were more easily done in PPro. Just an opinion.

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                medeamajic Level 2

                I am sure the ADVC 300 works great. I just use a ADS Pyro DV converter myself for VHS tapes but I want to get a Decklink card ASAP.

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                  OnTwoWheels77 Level 1

                  You say PPro does a better job than the ADVC 300.  So you tried making adjustments via the 300 and they did not work out?

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                    cvid01 Level 4

                    Response to item 5: I didn't make or try to make adjustments via the 300 because frankly, it was too much of a hassle. I looked at it, but decided to take the easy way out. It was easier to get the product into PPro, do edits, colour balance, etc., then ultimately transfer to DVD.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      At least with all of the VHS decks that I have used (have a Panasonic DVR w/ VHS now), there is no control over the VHS deck - it is one-way and that is the signal. I use the deck's remote, and the Capture module on the computer, so I have my mouse in my right hand, and the remote in my left. I click the mouse to begin Capture, and then the remote for Play on the deck, a moment later. There will be a few Frames (those get fewer, with practice) of black at the beginning of the Captured Clip, but those are easily Trimmed in PrPro, or PrE. I happen to have PrPro only on the workstation, and use it mostly. PrE is only on my laptop, along with PrPro.


                      With the VHS deck, one only has the composite cables out - no input control. This is unlike doing a Capture with a certified miniDV tape camera, which is connected via FW (two-way communication), where one CAN control the camera.


                      Good luck,



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                        OnTwoWheels77 Level 1

                        Answers I found through trial and error...  SW2 No1 switch only needs to be moved to "Adjust" when manually adjusting Video/Audio via the 300 buttons on the unit itself, not when using the 300 software.  I do not need an external monitor using the Picture Controller 300 Software.  Turn on the 300 unit, start the 300 software where you can preview the video on the computer monitor and make adjustments prior to opening PPro and capturing.  Once adjustments are complete, close 300 software (adjustments remain), open PPro and capture.