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    Canon AVCHD 30p vs. 60i, encoding times?

    my PC Techs Level 1

      I just picked up a new Canon HF-M41 video camera and am presented with the dilema of shooting in either 60i or 30p AVCHD. On this camera, the 30p is 'recorded' at 60i but saved as 30p.


      I am literally stuck on the frame rate selection screen of the camera, not certain which frame rate I should go with.


      I do most of my publishing to YouTube and to DVD. It seems like 30p would be a better format for me to work with natively on the camera, but I'm not sure how Premiere handles 30p from Canon. Since the video has been shot 60i and then wrapped as 30p, has anyone had enough experience with this to tell me if Premiere does a good job of handling this kind of video?


      Alternatively, if I stick with 60i that will allow me to burn blu-ray video in the future. I definitely like that idea. But, if I take 60i video into premier, edit it, then encode it as 29.97 progressive for YouTube what kind of extra encoding time would I be looking at? Twice as long as it would take to encode 30p from the camera? What does THIS video look like? Would it look better or about the same as having done the same process with PF30 shot on the camera itself.


      I'm sure many of you have already figured out the best frame rate (60i or PF30) on Canon camcorders when it comes to working in Premiere. If you have any advice please let me know.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I don't like the idea of locking myself out of future Blu-ray authoring (or needing a conversion to make it work).  If it were me, I'd stick to shooting HD at Blu-ray legal specs.  At 1080, that means 24p or 30i only.

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            Malata Level 1

            I'm helping a friend with CS4 and this exact question has come up.  He has an i7 processor. Should he record at  60i or 30p.  No fast motion or slow motion is an issue. Encoding time is the main concern. Of course, as he mentioned above,  " On this camera, the 30p is 'recorded' at 60i but saved as 30p"  So it might not matter.  This if for Vimeo and YouTube export.  Which would be less demanding on the CPU?