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    newbie tween issue

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      I am able to create a basic motion tween on scene 1 from a movie clip symbol and add animation to scene 1.  However, if I create a movie clip and then immediately double click  the symbol in the library to edit it so that I can use the animation more than once,  I get the following message after right clicking the object and choosing Create Motion Tween:  The selected item cannot be tweened.  You must convert this to a symbol in order to tween. Do you want to convert and create a tween?


      Well, I thought I had already converted this to a symbol but I click OK because otherwise, I can’t create the animation. So I create the animation and then go back to Scene 1.  I now have two symbols in my library: the movie clip I originally created and the new one that I was forced to create when I when I tried to add a motion tween.  However, when I drag the animated version onto the stage and test the movie, the animation does not play.  I have to drag my original movie clip (the one that supposedly couldn’t have a motion tween attached) in order to see the animation.  Please help!  What am I doing wrong?

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          If I understood correctly, you are first creating a movieclip, then enter it, and try to motion tween inside it.


          Now each movieclip is like a scene. They have their own timelines. Motion tweens can be applied to objects, not simple shapes. So when you enter inside first clip, you now select the shape inside it. Thats why it asks to make it a clip again. If you want motion tween on Stage, not inside clip, then dont enter inside the clip. Dont double click, just click once to select it.


          To exit from a clip back to scene root, use the bar under Timeline.

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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            As said above, you may only tween a symbol. You cannot import an image, for example, then toss it on your timeline and tween it. This is just how they designed flash. Flash only knows how to tween "symbols".


            To tween for example, an image you import, you need to convert it to a symbol (Modify -> Convert to symbol or just hit F8). This symbol may now be tweened.


            However, when you double click on that symbol in the library, you go "into" the symbol. Inside there you're right back where you started, looking at the image you imported, which is not a symbol. Again, you cannot tween that image,  you must again convert it to a symbol before flash can tween it.


            If you intend on making encapsulated animations like you seem to be, yes, you will end up with 2 symbols (or more). One that contains the overall animation, and another symbol for each asset inside it. You then toss your container symbol on the timeline as you did and you will see the animation, as you've found out.

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              lionfriend Level 1

              Thanks very much for your help.

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                Thanks for clarifying this!