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    Coldfusion Builder 2 internal browser stopped working


      CFB2's internal bowser function have stopped working.  I can execute to an external browser.  This all worked correctly last Friday, but this morning all I get is a blank window.  I'm using Firefox and IE.  The tabs are there as before, but when I click on them the window is blank (nothing happens).  I've seen this problem discussed in other places but I've never seen a solution or reason.  My version of CFB2 did just convert from standard to express today, but based on the CFB2 documentation that should not have caused this problem (unless I missed something).


      I am evaluating CF9 and CFB2 as a potential platform for our organization.  Based on what I have read about Adobe in other forums their support is somewhat lacking.  I've also discovered several other problems/issues with missplaced .js files and certain feature randomly working/not working.


      Any advise/explanation would be greatly appreciated.