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    Best project preset for YouTube - different cameras

    Ergates thi ant

      I'm running two, well three different cameras, and edit clips together as each shows a different point of view, running simultaneously. The three cameras are:


      VIO POV.1

      720x480 30fps


      GoPro version 1

      1280x720 (sometimes I use 1080p)



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          With SD material, and then HD (lite) material, I would standardize on an SD Project, and down-rez the HD material to that.


          Probably the easiest way to accomplish that would be to create an HD Project, to match that HD footage, edit it, and then Share/Export to DV-AVI (SD). Depending on how you wish to edit, it might be best to do one HD Project for each of those cameras, i.e. two HD Projects. Then, create an SD (DV) Project, and Import the VIO footage into it, along with the output files from your HD Project(s), and edit. You will be outputting to SD for YouTube.


          PrE does not do well with mixed media, and especially HD and SD. The down-rezzed HD to SD will look better, than up-rezzing the SD to HD.


          If you do wish HD output, you might want to look into a program, like Red Giant's Magic Bullet Instant HD, to up-rez that SD material. If you do go the up-rez route, I would download, install and test the trial of Instant HD (or similar), and decide if it does what you want. For some folk, and some footage, it works fine, but some others do not like the results. Only you can tell.


          Good luck,



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            Ergates thi ant Level 1

            Thanks, that's very helpful! Elements 10 is quite a lot better than elements 8 for quality for my purposes, it seems.  Since I'm uploading multiple traffic incidents on a regular basis, time saved is quite important to me. This means that most of the time I'll try to use just one camera view, and clip the videos to the relevant segment without re-rendering. I use VirtualDub for the VIO video, and QTPro for the GoPro.


            If I have to use both or all three camera viewpoints, then it goes into Premiere in a single project. I can get lovely VIO quality, but when I have both GoPro and VIO footage in the same project, it seems that the VIO footage is fine - meets the top and bottom edge of the video, but has black bars on the sides which is only to be expected. The GoPro footage, on the other hand, has black bars all the way around, and Premiere is not rendering it to fit the whole of the available space on YouTube. This is what I'd like to fix - is there a fast solution to this?


            (I tried unchecking scale to fit, but this resulted in a strange looking size for the GoPro footage, and black bars on all four sides of the VIO footage).

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Black bars indicates that the Project Preset's Frame Size does not match the Source Footage.


              One can handle that mis-match in several ways:


              • Choose a Project Preset that does match the Source Footage 100%
              • Use Motion>Scale to Scale up the footage, effectively cropping* some of the image - depending on whether it's letterboxed (crop off left & right, or from either), or pillarboxed, crop off top & bottom, or from either)
              • Leave the letterboxing, or pillarboxing black bars


              If one does the Scale to Default Frame Size (checkbox), then there still will likely be some additional Scale and effective cropping.


              Now, if one has a lot of mixed material, and they also want to do true Multi-cam editing, PrPro CS 5.5 w/ a certified CUDA nVidia card, and MPE, might be worth the extra $. The MPE/CUDA does a great job with mixed material, and PrPro allows one to do true Multi-cam (same scene, but from different POV's with up to 4 cameras) easily. PrE does not have true Multi-cam, and to do it, is rather clunky, requiring a lot of Opacity changes, to be able to see what one is editing, and then shifting the Opacity back to 100%, when the editing has been done. Also, with PrPro's Multi-cam, one can choose one Audio Stream to edit to, say from a camera set to a wide shot, and left running for the entire scene.


              Good luck,




              * I say "effective cropping," as one does NOT add the Crop Effect, but instead Scales the Source Footage larger than the Frame Size. However, as the Frame Size is fixed, pixel x pixel, every pixel in the Source Footage, beyond that Frame Size is not seen - effectively cropped.

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                Ergates thi ant Level 1

                Yes, I think PrPro is a little above my budget. It'd be cheaper to replace my VIO POV.1 with a second GoPro camera, which would be my preferred solution.


                The issue I have is slightly different than described above - the GoPro footage looks fine in the Premiere Elements monitor window - it fits the frame perfectly. The VIO footage is pillar boxed, which is expected behaviour and I'm totally happy with leaving that as is. The problem comes after YouTube upload, where the VIO footage still looks as per the preview window, but the GoPro footage is too small - it's both letter and pillar boxed. This last is what I'd like to change, as it means there is less visible video than there should be. OK, let me dig out some screenshots to explain it better...