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    Waveform oddities on audio clips

    Seehorse Video Level 1

      I've a rather odd issue.  On most of my imported clips the audio waveform only shows up when I'm zoomed way in; if I'm zoomed farther out than maybe 4 notches then the waveform vanishes completely.  The audio plays fine, it's frustrating though to have to zoom in that tight just to see a waveform and find the points I need to cut.


      This affects roughly 2/3 of the XDCAM clips I imported; the ones I've imported recently do not show this issue.  Obviously I don't want to just delete the clips and reimport since I'm about 3/4 done with the project; does this issue sound familiar to anyone and is there a simple, safe method to correct it?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          What's level are the problem clips peaking at?

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            cvid01 Level 4

            Try increasing the height of your audio track. You can see the waveform better that way.

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              Seehorse Video Level 1

              The problem clips are peaking at around -4 to -2 or so, the same as the other clips.  Also, I've noticed I can re-inport those problem clips and this time the waveform looks fine... I just don't really want to either double the clips in the project (already over 1,000) or conversely have to start over on the edit.  This is only affecting the waveform display, the clips all play just fine.  Right now I'm just dealing with the aggrivation of having to zoom WAY in to see the waveform on the affected clips; it adds a bit of extra time but since I'm about a week & a half into the project I don't want to risk loosing anything.


              I've noticed that the clips that have a problem with the waveform display are all listed as "2011USNAT_10002" while the ones that show up properly are all listed as "2011USNAT_10002.MXF", obviously with the clip number changing from clip to clip.  I can only assume that something was off when I originally imported the clips as all of the ones imported at the beginning show this issue while all those imported later on do not.  If I can correct the issue without risking the project great, if not I'll work through it and figure it out afterwards.


              Just to be sure I'm explaining myself clearly there is NO waveform visible on the affected clips until I zoom in on the timeline... at a certain point about 80% of the way fully zoomed in the waveform suddenly appears.  Zooming out causes it to vanish again.  This is ONLY a timeline display issue as the audio plays fine and edits fine, it's just not visible unless I zoom way in.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                That is weird.