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    Help with publishing component


      I've been working with the Strobe media playback package that I downloaded and installed as a component.  I have it loading videos and it is working fine in the Author mode, but not in publish mode.  I also downloaded a google maps package and installed which allows me to use google maps as a component, and it displays and works in the Author mode, but does not display in the publish instance.  Other changes show up fine in the publish mode, but it seems that all of the package components that Iv downloaded so far i can't see in the publish instance.  Can someone explain to me how to get these displaying in publish mode?  Thanks.


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          Sham HC Level 7

          Make sure you have activated the respective package from [1].  If you have already done that could you please eloborate more on the problem like where you have downloaded the package and what is the error you are getting in the publish.


          [1]  http://<host>:<port>/libs/wcm/core/content/misc.html#/etc/packages