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    moving license from Windows to MacOS




      I bought Premiere Elements (version 8) more than a year ago and I got the DVD for Windows (XP/Vista/7). I'm considering a purchase of a new computer, but running MacOS this time. Do I have to buy a completely new version of Premiere Elements for MacOS, or I can simply download from somewhere the same product, only MacOS version and reuse the license I already have? My Windows PC has hardware that's failing, so I'll have to move from it relatively soon.




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, version 8 won't run on Mac OSX. The first version to do that was version 9.


          But, if you run Boot Camp on your Mac, you can deactivate version 8 from your Windows machine and run it on Windows on your Mac.


          Although deactivating it may not even be entirely necessary, since you can have the program installed on two of  your computers at once.