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    Inserting Blank slides

      I am using Captivate 1 and creating a project with blank slides that link to movies. I have created a "template" with a header and several objects that I want to appear on every slide. They are .bmp images.

      When I insert a blank slide my images do not persist even though I selected "Display for rest of movie" in the Options tab. I have seen presentation where adding a blank slide creates a slide with the header or whatever on it but I don't know how it was done.

      Any ideas?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, stephlyn42

          My question back to you would be to ask where exactly you are inserting the Blank slides?

          If you inserted an image on perhaps Slide 4 and configured it for the project, it only should appear on slides that follow the image. So if you inserted the Blank slide on perhaps Slide 2, it won't show there.

          If that isn't it, I'm a bit stumped... Rick
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            stephlyn42 Level 1
            Thanks, Rick. That makes two of us!

            I added the images on Slide 1 so it should persist as I add Slide 2,3, 4 etc.