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    annotation coordinate script


      Trying to find coordinates of an annotation so I can create an automatic redaction script. I have been using this tutorial from adobe: http://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/2008/07/auto_redaction_with_javascript


      When I run this part of the script (copied directly from the tutorial) to find the annotation coordinates I get several different errors every time I run it.


      var rct = getAnnots(this.pageNum)[0].rect;

      var left = rct[0];

      var right = rct[2];

      var top = rct[3];

      var bot = rct[1];

      qd = [ [left, top, right, top, left, bot, right, bot] ]



      I am not well versed in JavaScript so any help would be great.


      (Also if anyone knows of any existing scripts for automatic redaction that would be good too)