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    Spark Textarea broke with Graphite theme


      So I bought CS5.5 Web Premium and am playing around with Flash Builder and Flex for the first time.  I selected the Graphite them, added a Tab Navigaotor and a form, some form fields, drag a spark texarea to the form and set its width to 300.  Save.  Run.  When typing in the text area field, the text I am typing starts wrapping at what looks to be the original default size of the component when I dragged it onto the screen instead of the end of the textarea box.  Can't find a solution.  Saw a post in another forum that said it was limited to the graphite theme.  Huh?


      Two questions:


      1) is there a known workaround

      2) is this typical of Flash Builder and Flex - having these kinds of problems on simple components?  I have a project that I would like to use this technology for but if I'm going to be running across these kinds of problems, maybe I'll wait...