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    Do I need all those media cache files in my user profile?

    rufusclyde Level 1

      Hello Forum,


      When I installed Win 7 and Adobe Production Premium on a 120Gig SSD, I made this mistake of not putting only the essential part of Windows on this System and Apps drive. (I have separate 1Tb HDDs for media and rendering, and work with compressed HD files).  I noticed that my user profile has grown enormous, to the point of filling up the SSD, and when I searched to see why, the main problem is a substantial accumulation of media cache files in the folder...


      user/App Data/Roaming/Common/Media Cache Files


      Judging by their names, sizes, and dates, they seem to pretty much replicate all my raw media files on my media HDD, from all the projects I've done since last summer. This folder is about 40 gigs.


      So what is the function of this media cache folder? Can I move it, or direct PP to put this stuff on some other drive than my SSD? Do I even need the contents of this folder? All my scratch files go to the F: Rendering HDD.




      PS: If any of you have suggestions on how to move my user profiles off the boot/apps SSD to one of the HDDS, without reinstalling everything, I'm all ears.