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    Audio clips in a director movie

    joevos Level 1

      I have several small quicktime audio clips that I created and exported out as .mov and mp4 files to use in a dir movie. I was hoping to create a button and set a behavior so that when I clicked on the button it would trigger the audio clip to play. Simple, so I thought. It doesnt work. I have been scouring through the manuals and books that I have to find a procedure/solution to make this work. Can someone help me?


      The concept / idea is a text question appears on the stage and you click a button under the question labeled "answer" and the audio clip plays the answer, and so on down the list of questions.


      I am new to Director and trying to learn as I go. Is it the audio format? I brought the quicktime audio files in and they are only 508kb which is great. I recorded the same audio in Director using the insert > audio feature and the same file was 15mb, not great, to big.


      If it matters, Im using Director 11 on an intel macbook pro.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          The easiest way to play sound would really be to use sound files instead of quicktime or mp4 video files which are setup with aurio and no video (which is what I think you are doing).  Generally, an audio file would be .mp3 or .wav.  There are many many free programs to convert quicktime files to mp3, and that is the approach I would recommend.  To play an audio file where the member name is "mySound", would take this line of code:


          puppetSound mySound


          Alternately you can use the sound.play() command (look it up in the docs for syntax).  If you insist on using Quicktime members, then you must realize that the target computer that will be playing your projector must have quicktime installed. So, if you are targetting PCs, you will need to make sure that everyone who uses your program installs Quicktime.


          It is more complex to play the QT file as well, since you will need to put the member on the stage in order to address it.


          So, your best bet is to use audio files, not video files, if you plan on just playing audio.