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    Real PIA.  Exporting 1080p from AVCHD sequence

    YoteMan Paul

      Looking to replace FCP as my editor, and now considering another product if I can't make PPCS5.5 work, I really need some help and I have scoured the web looking for help.  I use 3 Panasonic camcorders set at 1080p/60 to collect all the footage I take.  I set my sequence for these settings and begin my editing without any problem.  But when I try to export my clip, any clip, at 1080p/60, my exported video is choppy and has glitches.  If I choose to export in 720p or less, my footage looks fine but only at the 1080p settings am I having real issues.

      Some say hardware issues.  Some say "known issues."  Others say incompatible format and others throw up hands and say I don't know.  Well, I don't know either and my eval copy has about 12 days left and before I shell out a chunk of change for a program that seems to have an issue I can't resolve, I thought to ask for help.

      Any of you sage types have some magic pill for me to take to get glitchless 1080p video out fo 5.5?