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    How to a export a PDF from InDesign 5.5 with properly marked (tagged) hyperlinks


      One of the new features of InDesign 5.5 is proper tagging of hyperlinks when exporting to PDF, but I can't get it to work. Despite the links being set in the hyperlinks panel they aren't being tagged as links in the Acrobat document. It just marks them as stories.


      I've tried creating a Link tag in InDesign and applying that to the text boxes, but it still doesn't work... the tags panel in Acrobat still indentiies the links as unmarked (though the hyperlinks themselves are exporting fine and work fine.)


      Is there a setting or something not-so-obvious that I need to do to make InDesign correctly tag my PDF? I'm trying to learn how to create documents that once exported don't require additional post-export edits to make them accesible.