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    Snap to grid and aligning objects

    _Gosherm_ Community Member

      Is there a way to get horizontal snap to work? It's close, but not close enough to fool the eye. I've got two DIV blocks, one located at x=720, the other at x=721, and I cannot get them on the same x no matter what I try. Help?

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          Kim Isola Adobe Employee

          Hi Gosherm,


          A couple of things might help:


          Do you have Snap to Grid turned on? You can find it under the Grid menu:




          Also, here's a tip for aligning the sides of two objects:


          1. Tap to select your first object; then tap and hold on the center handle of the side you want to align the second object to:




          2. Continue to hold, and use another finger to tap the second object. The second object then aligns to the first:




          Let us know if this doesn't work for you. Thanks for posting!