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    Non English Fonts - Croatian Fonts


      Hi everzone,

      I am working on a document that is in Croatian language and forthat reason need to use some special Croatian letters (for example ć,č,đ,š,ž). However, fonts I have installed on my PC do not support these fonts and I am looking to find what I need to install to get it working. I tried researching on the web and "Adobe Central European Font Package" is mntioned but I am not sure where to get that and if that would resolve the problem.

      I found on free font as download on the internet that has these fonts but I need some nicer script like writing to do.


      THANKS A LOT!!!

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          fonts I have installed on my PC do not support these fonts and I am looking to find what I need to install to get it working.


          Depending on what kind of computer you have, you are almost guaranteed to have some fonts that support Croatian. Likewise, depending on whether you bought just InDesign, or some version of the Creative Suite, you will also have some fonts that came free with your Adobe purchase that will support Croatian as well. However, it's not that all fonts have support for Croatian, just some of 'em. And, to be honest, there aren't very many decent script fonts with Croatian support that I can name off the top of my head that would come for free with software you already own. The only one I can think of is "Brush Script Std" which came for free with... um... Creative Suite 4, I think. I'd have to search for a bit.


          You are typing this stuff yourself, right? If it's text that someone else is giving you, there is a remote possibility that they're using a typing method which would require you to have the same fonts as are being used by the person keying the text.


          However, assuming that's not the case, just tell us what you're using and I can help you figure out which fonts you already have that support Croatian. I can also browse around looking for particularly good script fonts that support EE character sets... but I generally hate script fonts, so I don't know how much I can help you there .

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            Zoran1124564 Level 1

            Thanks a lot Joel.

            The PC I use has Creative Suite 5 so PS, Indesign, etc.

            I have to type the text and it is not provided to me in "soft" format.

            Thanks again.

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              Joel Cherney Level 5

              Bickham Script Pro came with Creative Suite 3, and I think later versions as well. It has Croatian support as well. ... Yup, you can find Bickham Script Pro in CS5 on the "Content" disc of CS5, too. Doesn't look half bad, either.


              I think that the "Adobe Eastern European font packs" you are looking for are here, at the bottom of the page. However, I think that they are useful only for filling out forms in Acrobat - they're not actually fonts that you can install on your computer and use in InDesign, if I recall correctly, so I doubt it will resolve your need for additional fonts. But if you're looking for it, there it is.


              I use a tool called BabelMap (a truly awesome bit of donation-ware) that lets me audit the fonts I already have installed... if you're feeling ambitious, check it out. I use it all the time because I work with many languages, and there's no easier way that I've found to quickly audit my fonts looking for one that supports a particular language. Here's what I do:


              1) I copy to my clipboard all of the characters I need for a given language: ćčđšž. Or, perhaps, a phrase that has all of the special characters I need.

              2) Open up BabelMap and go to Fonts -> Font Coverage

              3) Select the "all characters in this text" field and paste my characters into the box

              4) Click on "Calculate Font Coverage"

              5) This generates a list of all of the fonts I have installed on my computer that support the characters I pasted into the box. I can then select the first, and then hit the down arrow key to look at the next font. In this way, I can just eyeball all of the fonts I have installed at any one time and know which ones support the language I'm working on.


              That tool may be overkill for you - I handle dozens of languages so I have some, er, stringent requirements.  But, it will tell you which of your fonts will work with your language.

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                Zoran1124564 Level 1

                Wow - that tool is awesome!!! It showed me close to 30 font types I already have installed but unforunatelly nothing scripty to make this text preatty enough :-(.


                Any idea how to scan fonts available in the Adobe Font Folio offered online and figure out what to buy?


                Thanks a lot!!!

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Did you install the extra fonts that came with Creative Suite? As Joel mentioned, Bickham Script Pro is a lovely font (one of my favorite scripts, and it has contextual alternates which makes it even nicer), and and he says it supports Croatian.