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    Questions about Direct To Stage(DTS).


      1. when The new version of director( work on Windows XP SP2 and DTS is off,

      the only 3D sprite in the stage will disappearance,even if the program is still not running.

      When running,problem is still.Through breakpoint,I can found all model,lights and camera are here,

      their status are ok,just can't see them in the stage.

      Image see below
      DTS is off


      DTS is on


      But in the old version( all is ok.

      2. My project need use some transparent flash sprite on top of the 3D sprite,So I must set DTS is off.

      In the XP SP3 or WIN7, whether DTS is off or on,the performance is nearly and satisfactorily.

      But in the XP SP2,when DTS is off,the performance is much lower than DTS is on,

      I wonder if it's a bug or something that I've missed.