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    How to learn video compositing and design for media?


      Hi, I have some concerns about knowledge about digital compositings in After Effects.


      I recently started to do  much more in AE, and I have trouble with lack of knowlegde about this topic. I know how to do some stuff technicaly in AE, but I often got suggestions that I must learn more about motion media design and composition of video scenes, camera movement etc, because I trying to do some commercials for tv-i am volonteer currently. My boss request from me more professional results. So do you have some advices which is the best way to start with all of this, to be more successfull in motion design?


      All sugestions are welcome!!!



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are lots of books about Visual Effects from lots of authors. Check Amazon.


          Go to Motionographer.com and look at good work. Try and figure out how they did it.


          Subscribe to a site like Total Training or Lynda.com or Video Copilot, or others and work through the tutorials.


          If you don't know how to draw, at least learn to draw stick figures and storyboard ideas, brain storm, talk with your friends, and come up with ideas. Then, try and do them.


          Listen to music, especially instrumental, and try and visualize movement to the music. Timing is as important as composition. Timing to audio is more important than composition.


          Look at great artwork from the masters to pop art. I've learned more about lighting for film and photography from spending time in museums and looking at books on great painters than I did from anything else.


          Mastering the tools isn't nearly as difficult as mastering the technique. The tools change all the time. The technique of good design and effective story telling don't depend on the software.

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            Zmaj888 Level 1

            Thank you for reply.


            Motiongrapher is very interesting web site, I will take much deeper look in it in next weeks.


            Is there any rules for brain storm? Or it is only important to draw what is on my mind for that particular situation?


            You said, that I could learn about lighting more while read some books with ilustration, museums...interesting stuff. I dont think about this on this way.


            I found a book called Design Essentials for Motion Media Artist by Angie Taylor. (the best for me I think)


            Here is link:

            http://www.amazon.com/Design-Essentials-Motion-Media-Artist/dp/024081181X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UT F8&qid=1324239912&sr=8-1


            And  others book:


            Creative After Effects 7 Workflow Technique, again by Angie Tailor,


            Digital Compositing for Film and Video by Steve Wright.


            What is your opinion for those two books? Is they neccesery for me? Especially I think on Steve Wright book.