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    Updating to Flash Builder 4.6 plugin

    JeffW. Level 1



      I have FB 4.5(.1) as an Eclipse plugin. Now I want to upfate/upgrade to the 4.6 plugin.

      I read http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/921/cpsid_92180.html

      but it confuses me. So before I remove anything:


      I this a free update?

      If so, will the update recognize my serial key when I first uninstall 4.5?


      How about all the SDK's in my 4.5 sdks folder? Will I loose them?

      And hence, should I overlay again the AIR SDK after updating?



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          ChivertonT Level 2

          Just trying this myself, as an owner of a 4.5.1 licence.

          You can read at http://blogs.adobe.com/flex/2011/11/flex-4-6-and-flash-builder-4-6-updates-now-available.h tml that "Flash Builder 4.6 is a free update to Flash Builder 4.5".


          FB4.6 wont install if 4.5 is installed, so I uninstalled 4.5, ticking the 'deactivate' box.

          The FB4.6 installer then runs OK, and took my licence key fine (even asking for the licence key for the version I upgraded from correctly).


          Yes, if you mucked with the SDKs in the install folder, you'll need to do it again. I create copies in another place when I add AIR to save this pain, for instance. You should be able to copy them out before you uninstall though.

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            JeffW. Level 1

            Thanks. It took me quite a while to get 4.6 installed.


            I uninstalled 4.5(.1) but got an error anyway when initializing the installation of 4.6


            Then I tried uninstalling Adobe Air from the utilities directory under Application as described in this thread




            That didn't work either.


            Finally I uninstalled Flash CS5 as well as my complete CS4 suite. I am not sure if only uninstallng Flash CS5 would have been sufficient, maybe.

            After this I sucesfully installed Flash Builder 4.6, and then re-installed the CS4 suite and Flash CS5.


            The only problem left is that when I create a new project and compile, I get a java.lang.NullPointerException

            but I will post that in a new thread...