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    What's up with Bridge color management?

    D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      After getting a wide gamut monitor (Eizo S2243W) it was a delight to be able to see the Adobe RGB colors that I knew were in the file, but previously couldn't be displayed. Although the Windows desktop and UI elements look garish, I sort of got used to that.


      In PS, ID and AI everything works perfectly. But I discovered that Bridge does not follow suit. The funny thing is that it shows the muted, "standard gamut" version - not oversaturated as one would expect with a wide gamut monitor and non-functional color management (if that's the case). The only reasonable explanation for this that I can see is that the document profile is converted to sRGB. I can't duplicate it any other way.


      I'm no stranger to color management troubleshooting, and in my experience the prime suspect in cases like this is always the monitor profile. So I've done several things to validate the profile. I've recalibrated using the bundled Eizo calibrator with its EX1 sensor (actually just a rebranded Spyder3), and I've recalibrated using Color Eyes Display Pro with another Spyder3 sensor. I also tried with Adobe RGB as the monitor profile just for troubleshooting.


      In all cases I checked in PS color settings that the profile was actually used, and in all cases the muted effect still shows in Bridge. By now I'm certain that the PS/ID/AI rendering is indeed the correct one. Suite color management is synchronized, using Adobe RGB as RGB working space.


      I've also purged Bridge caches in every way I can think of, and then reset Bridge preferences by ctrl-launching and checking the confirmation dialog.


      The following two screenshots require a color managed browser and a wide gamut monitor, since the difference is outside the sRGB gamut. The first one used Adobe RGB as monitor profile and has Adobe RGB embedded, the second has the Eizo monitor profile assigned and embedded. They are similar, but the second one should show it exactly as I see it (click to bring up uncached view, the difference doesn't show directly in Firefox) :


      test adobeRGB.jpg

      test monitor RGB.jpg

      Any ideas what's happening?


      (Also posted in the Bridge Windows forum)