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    GTX 580 drivers

    cameraman46 Level 1

      I have recently tried to update my NVIDIA  GTX 580 driver from ver 280.26 to Ver 285.62 which works well genarally, except I cannot capture High Def video from tape with firewire (IEEE 1394) when this driver is installed.  When I revert to 280.26 I can capture HD video without a problem.  I have  mentioned this in another discussion but I think my question may have been lost in the middle of many responses.  Harm commented that capture was not a graphic card issue so I am puzzled as to what is happening to my set-up to cause this problem.   ( I hope this is posted in the correct place -  I assume this is not an actual hardware issue).   Host Controller is in( Legacy) mode.

      I suppose the easy answer is to simply carry on with the older driver, but it is annoying that I do not appear to be able to successfully update software on my computer.


      Spec:  i7 - 2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz

      16GB Ram Windows 7 64bit

      prem cs5.5


      I would be grateful for any comments on this - and whether anyone else has experienced this issue with GTX 580 drivers.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I mentioned that the video driver is completly irrelevant for capturing, which is nothing more than a simple data transfer over firewire and the video driver is not involved at all in that process. Logically that all makes sense, but since I do not often capture HDV material and when I do, I use HDVSplit instead of PR, I may be wrong. Can you capture when you install the 290.38 version, which is still in beta?


          The legacy setting is correct.


          Often a PC, which is a logical device by design, is completely illogical. Counting in binary is the same as counting in decimal if you were all thumbs.


          Remember, logic is a systematic way to come to the wrong conclusion with confidence and good judgement comes from experience, and experience, well that comes from bad judgement

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            cameraman46 Level 1

            Thanks for the response Harm.  I'll give the beta version 290.38 a try and get back to the forum.  I'm afraid I still have to use my Z1E cameras so HDV capture is essential for me. HDVSplit seems interesting and perhaps worth trying.  Not sure if this is a free download - will investigate.

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              davidbeisner2010 Level 3

              HDVSplit is free... and generally pretty good. Ultimately I found that it wasn't worth my time when I was using an XHA1 (HDV also) so I just stuck with capturing via PrPro. Now that CS5+ has added the ability to split the clip into scenes, it's that much better. It does seem strange that you'd have a problem with capture based on video drivers, but I'm also experiencing some strange behavior with 5.5 due to video drivers, and I can't explain it... Have you tried turning off CUDA support and doing a capture?

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                cameraman46 Level 1

                Thanks David.  It gets quite interesting!    First - turning CUDA support off make no difference.     The Beta ver 290.36 does not permit HD capture in PP (nor do earlier "official" versions).   Capturing with HDVsplit works fine with my original version 280.26 and with  beta version 290.36;  but perhaps significant in some way, the beta version does not allow video preview (280.26 does).  Would this suggest that the problem lies outside prem pro cs 5.5?  Attempting to capture in PP with later drivers not only fails to capture HD, but freezes PP CS5.5.   Some reassurance from knowing that you too have found video drivers are quirky. As Harm says "logic" does not seem to be relevant always, but very simplistically perhaps, if one driver works perfectly well, something in the more recent drivers' software must be causing the problem.

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                  davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                  That is interesting... I don't pretend to know much about how drivers work, etc... I just tend to get pissed and frustrated when they don't, and my general solution is to wipe everything and do a fresh install of Windows and my programs...

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                    SpareWheel Level 2

                    Hi cameraman46.


                    I use GTX580 (driver version 8.17.12. 8026 that's 280.26) and haven't felt the need to move to the next version. Is there any reason you are installing 285.65? According to Nvidia the latest version was introduced for a number of PC game changes. However, you just state "can't capture" - but don't expand on this in your OP. But as Harm says, the graphics card and driver should make diddly squat - but...


                    I use Sony Z5 and since CS5.5 capture directly to Prem Pro via Firewire - no problems.


                    With CS4 I used HDV Split but found (in my case) conflict issues in CS5.5 with the .m2t file produced by HDVSplit so I dumped HDVSplit as Prem Pro CS5.5 now has the Scene Detect function working fine - my only reason to use HDV Split was the scene splitting feature. CS5.5 produces a .mpeg file extension in place of the .2mt file in HDVSplit.


                    Have you checked and correctly set the Interface Device Control settings in the Capture menu-dropdowns - the Settings tab? Options - Device Brand: "Sony" Device Type: "Standard". If you're having capture problems, then the issue is with the IEE1394 interface and control. But as you say, you can repeat the problem by rolling back the graphics driver - very strange.


                    Is your IEE1394 correct or not conflicting? Check in Windows Device Manager.


                    Video previews are shown in the hardware only - as the blue image says when capturing - you will not see captured images in Prem Pro, but only on your camera during capture.



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                      cameraman46 Level 1

                      Hi Drystonewall


                      Thanks for the response.   Ver 280.26 captures video and audio correctly.    In a nutshell, the only difference between using driver 280.26 and later drivers seems to be the inability to capture video (and audio) using the capture facility in Prem Pro CS 5.5.  The camera (Z1E) does appear to connect properly - it can be controlled (stop / forward / back) from the capture window, but when I activate the capture button it fails and causes PremPro to go into "unresponding" mode. ( I am not aware of any other computer problems when using later drivers e.g. . viewing other graphics / videos )  There are no conflicts with IE 1394.  Capture settings are as you describe - Sony - Standard.   Just to reiterate from previous discussions - when I use HDV split, it does actually capture with later drivers, BUT there is no video preview (there is with 280.26).   Not sure whether this tells me something relevant to the problem.   I do not of course have a problem with the existing driver - it works fine; but it just concerns me a little that I cannot update successfully!


                      Thanks again.

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                        I too have had this issue today. I stopped my edit work over Christmas and installed Battlefield 3 for a bit of a laugh. The game moaned about the fact that I didn't have the latest nVidia drivers, so I upgraded them. Ever since, I've been struggling with capturing HDV 1080i from my Sony FX1 and my Sony Z5E.


                        It must be a driver issue because that's all that changed. Well, my internet connection also went up and down due to some excessive weather over the last couple of days too.


                        I'm going to roll the nVidia drivers back to whatever they were before (I don't have the nVidia driver versions to hand). It'll mean the game won't run but hey, it's just a game. I've got paying customers waiting.


                        Be useful to know if it's a Premiere Pro CS5 issue, nVidia driver issue or Win 7 issue though.


                        Kind regards, A.

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                          cameraman46 Level 1

                          Hi CarillonVideo.  Pleased that someone else has found this issue.  I would be interested to know how you get on with resolving it.  Rolling back the drivers should rectify the problem I would think!  


                          Interestingly - if a new CS 5.5 system is installed with GTX 580, what drivers are installed?  If the system works properly with the latest Nvdia drivers (specifically video capture using prem pro)  this would tell us something I guess.



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                            I don't recommend v285.62.


                            I'm having serious issues at startup, it just hang the application (white screen of death).


                            I tried everything then I figure out the problem was my card (GeForce GTX 580) begin listed at cuda_supported_cards.txt file.


                            If I comment out my card from list, everything works just fine, so CUDA accelerated isn't working to me at all.


                            Windows x64, CS5 v5.5.2, everything is fully up-to-date, did chkdsk /f on all my HDDs, and my main (boot) system (including this app) is on C300 128GB SSD.

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                              turboR Level 1

                              Tried v280.26 and still same problem. 



                                A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.


                              Problem signature:

                                Problem Event Name:    AppHangB1

                                Application Name:    Adobe Premiere Pro.exe

                                Application Version:

                                Application Timestamp:    4e960e56

                                Hang Signature:    524f

                                Hang Type:    0

                                OS Version:    6.1.7601.

                                Locale ID:    1033

                                Additional Hang Signature 1:    524ff605c85882116c74e3415eb65488

                                Additional Hang Signature 2:    3763

                                Additional Hang Signature 3:    376387c979206d855dc1543ef24a61ab

                                Additional Hang Signature 4:    524f

                                Additional Hang Signature 5:    524ff605c85882116c74e3415eb65488

                                Additional Hang Signature 6:    3763

                                Additional Hang Signature 7:    376387c979206d855dc1543ef24a61ab

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                                cameraman46 Level 1

                                Hi TurboR. 


                                Driver 280.26 works fine for me - allowing all functions on my system including correct video capturing directly into premiere.  However, ALL subsequent drivers including beta drivers do seem to work properly - except that they fail to allow capture into premiere! 


                                Spec:  i7 - 2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz

                                16GB Ram Windows 7 64bit

                                prem cs5.5



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                                  CarillonVideo Level 1

                                  Okay, I've been fiddling. My problem is slightly different to yours. I have Premiere Pro CS5, not CS5.5. I am running an nVidia GTX 470, not the 580. I was running nVidia drivers 266.xx and they worked fine. I upgraded to 285.62. Everything worked fine except this:


                                  When I capture, it runs as normal for the first minute or so and then stops capturing. The tape continues to run. The timecode continues to update in the bottom left of the capture window, same as on the camera screen. The timer on the top of the capture screen stops. No video is 'recorded' into my edit box. No dropped frames reported.


                                  It's like the timecode signal is present but the video and audio signal just vanished. It doesn't produce an error. It doesn't freeze anything. PPro continues fine without any issues. It just doesn't capture.


                                  I fiddled a bit more, again under driver version 285.62. A few reboots of both the camera and PC. I also restarted Premiere Pro a few times. Then it suddenly starts capturing a tape and does the whole thing flawlessly. Then the next one fails just like in the above example. Rolling back to version 266.xx has totally fixed the problem it would appear. So I have a workaround (multiple random reboots) and I have a permanent fix (use 266.xx) but what I don't have is confidence in upgrading my nVidia drivers some time in the future - and they WILL need upgrading some day.


                                  Plus, I can't play Battlefield 3!  :-)


                                  I'm off to see what I can find out from nVidia!



                                  Regards, A.


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                                    cameraman46 Level 1

                                    I am still unable to successfully  update my Nvidia GTX 580 driver for capture purposes (all WHQL and Beta drivers since Ver. 280.26 WHQL).   Ver 280.26 is fine - preview of HD video from my Z1E and then successful capture whilst viewing video on my camera).  I simply cannot capture into premiere  CS5.5 when using any of the later drivers.  I would very much like to hear from anyone who has a GTX 580 card and can capture properly with any later drivers -  i.e. later than 280.26 released August 2011.   If someone can confirm this I can start to look at my system set-up / other software etc.   Many thanks.

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                                      davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                                      I just put a 580 in my system yesterday, and have an old XHA1 that I can

                                      capture from… I’ll look into that for you later this week and get back to


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                                        SpareWheel Level 2

                                        I'm not sure you have read my earleir post because if you had you would have told us all why you insist on changing from a driver you know gives you what you want to a later one that doesn't. Please re-read my earlier response.




                                        I use 280.26 with GTX580 - have been for almost 9 months - no problem. You also report no problems with 280.26 (if I am reading your post correctly). So why are you insisting upon using a changed driver which has only been changed because of some PC game? Are you playing PC games on your edit workstation? Is your workstation a clean install and isolated PC?


                                        The changes made to the driver (read the changelogs) have not been made for anything to do with Adobe. So why change from 280.26?


                                        Any way, time I unsubscribed from this thread as it's going around in circles.



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                                          cameraman46 Level 1

                                          Thanks David - I look forward to your reply.


                                          Drystonewall.  Thanks for your rather tetchy response!  I do of course realise that my existing system works well. However it seems to me perfectly reasonable to attempt to update drivers when they are available on the basis that they may yet improve an otherwise well functioning system.   Much more to the point;  when a new purchase of a GTX580 card is made, is the new owner told specifically which driver to use with Adobe software, or are they left to find out by trial and error which appropriate drivers to use  (in my case an old one).     Not a big issue in the overall way of things -  but sometimes intrigue prompts a question on a forum which normally produces a more constructive answer!

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                                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                                            Version 295.51 is now available and I have not yet seen any problems. In general I think it is advisable to download the latest version, but keep the previous working one as well, so you have a fall back option. I usually keep the last three versions in my download directory, just to go back to a previous version if the need arises. But anything older I delete.

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                                              Islanders66 Level 1

                                              Apparently my 570 uses a different driver. I haven't had any problems capturing HDV on 5.5. The only preview is on the hardware and scene detect works. I don't think I updated the driver when I built it because I didn't have any problems. 

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                                                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                Islanders66 wrote:


                                                Apparently my 570 uses a different driver.

                                                Just for your future information your driver in shothand is 275.33.

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                                                  davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                                                  FWIW, I’m successfully capturing from my XHA1 with the GTX 580, running the

                                                  latest Beta drivers…

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                                                    cameraman46 Level 1

                                                    Thanks David.    That's very interesting and seems to suggest that there is something in my overall set-up which is somehow preventing capture in Premiere with the later  GTX580 drivers.  As I have said previously my system does work very well on the whole but being an obsessive I would like to resolve the problem!!   Thanks again.