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    Editing in time line alters video output quality.


      This is weird. If I import a basic AVI (raw 1280x768 ) in to a project with the same settings and drop that into the time line, then just export (no editing) some frames or whole sequence (to any file type/codec at the same size and settings) the resulting file is clear as a bell, looks great. But, if I do ~any~ cutting at all the resulting file looks like crap (again with the same export settings as before). I also noticed that in the program window the same thing happens, if the file hasnt been chopped up the view is crystal clear, along with any renders, as soon as I cut it (lets say I remove the first 5 seconds of the clip in the timeline with the "cut" tool) the Program window gets messed up (image gets blurry) and all the resulting renders are also poor. What Am I doing wrong???? Please help.