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    Adding RAM to a HP Z800 - How many slots should i use?

    Averdahl Level 4

      I am about to add more RAM to a HP Z800. The computer has a total of 12 memory slots. Today i have 12 x 2GB RAM modules, ie 24GB RAM. The processors are 2 x Intel X5670 (6-core/processor). I have BIOS  version 3.21.


      I want to upgrade it to 48GB RAM and wonder if i should buy 6 memory modules @ 8GB or fill all 12 slots with 4GB modules. Both options give me 48GB RAM. So the question is if i lose any performance by only using 6 out of 12 memory slots and if yes approx how much? Whats the pros and cons with using all 12 slots compared to using only 6 slots while leaving 6 unused when filling up a system with the same amount of RAM?


      Planning to buy memory from Kingston, 2 x  KTH-PL313K3/24G or 4 x KTH-PL313SK3/12G.


      Any helpful answer is appreciated!