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    How to get the merged bitmap data of a photoshop selection


      Im creating a "Flash Panel" extension for a client and Im having some issues getting the bitmap data associated with the current selection. Origninally I thought I would use the WindowedApplication and have the BITMAP_FILE fileformat available within Photohop running the extension. This works to an extent but i am now running into an issue where the clipboard is returning an old copy of what was previously copied to the clipboard. To no avail was I able to force the getData property of the generalClipboard to return the "just copied" selection from the clipboard. However if I was to open a new photoshop document and paste the contents of the generalClipboard.copy() method into the new file I get what I expected the getData method to return. It seems that the getData() method from the generalClipboard object is always one step behind.


      Am I doing something wrong here, or is there another way to get the bitmap data associated with a current selection within photohop?


      Andy help would be most appreciated.