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    image overlap on PC


      Hi, I am submitting some epubs to a distributor for resell and they are sending them back saying images are overlapping.  I cannot duplicate the error on a Mac, but when I use a PC the images do overlap.  I have thrown everything I can think of at this issue and still cannot come to what the reason is.  Is this a known bug or is there something I could be missing?  And also, if it works fine on a Mac, on the ipad, converts well to kindle, why does it only do this in ADE on a PC?



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          As an example of overlapping images on PC (Win8.1), try to view the comic strip starting on page 116 of the free "Future Visions" EPUB anthology from Microsoft (free download; I used Kobo).


          Is this a problem with ADE 4.5, or with how the EPUB was created?