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    Cue point problem!!

      In flash, I have added 12 cue points in the video, and will show the transcription in the right.
      i found that when i drag the video timeline....the transcription will not change immediately while it detect the next cue point before.

      For example...
      i have 1 cue point at 00:00:05.000 and the trabscrpiption is "A"
      one is at 00:00:10.000 and script is "B"
      one is at 00:00:15.000 is "C"
      when my movie playing at 00:00:16.00, then i back forward to 00:00:08.000
      it cant show the transcription "A" to me...it just stop at "C",
      and then it will change "B" when it detected the cue point2..
      how can i fix it , it will show "A" when i drag the timeline between 5s to 10s...

      Do u guys understand my question?

      I use the simple method to do this!!
      my actionscript is here:

      var listenerObject:Object = new Object ();
      listenerObject.cuePoint = function (eventObject:Object):Void {

      }else if(eventObject.info.name=="2"){
      }else if(eventObject.info.name=="3"){

      my_FLVPlybk.addEventListener ("cuePoint", listenerObject);

      help me~~PLZ~~THZ~!