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    bookmarks problem doc->html converting




      i have problem with the autocreated bookmarks. I have document with content to titles in Czech language i get the html bookmarks the same as the titles. The problem is that url redirecting dont use local chars like "ľščťžýáíé". I need to manage the autocreation of the bookmarks so the RoboHelp convert the characters to "lsctzyaie". Can someone help me, is there some setting file which can do that.


      What i get

      <a name="Nadp_s_jedna_ľščťž">Nadpís jedna ľščťžýáíé</a>


      what i need

      <a name="Nadpis_jedna_lsctz">Nadpís jedna ľščťžýáíé</a>


      How and where can i set the bookmarks conversion from doc to html.