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    Acrobat 9 Standard missing paper sizes.

    merchant_6 Level 1

      I recently had Acrobat 9 Standard installed on my work computer.  Previously I had CS4 with Acrobat Pro installed but had to transfer the license to a coworker.  I'm now frustrated because all of the page sizes that I typically use are gone.  All fo the Arch and Ansi sizes are missing.  In the print preferences dialog I tried to add a new page size called Arch E1 and I got an error saying "Not allowed to modify system or printer defined paper size (Arch E1).  Only user defined paper size can be modified or deleted."  Apparently acrobat knows that Arch E1 is a standard paper size but its not available in the paper size selection menu.  I can go through and make a bunch of new custom paper sizes and give them alternate names but that's a little bit frustrating to have to go through and set up my own paper sizes when Acrobat already knows they exist.  I guess my question is how do I get Acrobat 9 Standard to show the Arch and Ansi paper sizes?