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    TOC updates lost, and SSL lost, too

      I could have messed things up here; I do use SubVersion for source control. I have done a complete Update to Revision to restore an earlier version (yesterday) of my project. Opening my project in RH, all of my TOC changes are gone. I essentially added variables into the TOC. The variables still exist in my project in the Variable pod, I can see some places where I have changed them in htms, but they do not exist in the TOC. I built my project successfully several times yesterday with the new TOC.
      Furthermore, when I open the SSL from with RH, it does not display the layout correctly; it does not show Build Conditions nor the correct output folder. If I look directly in the .SSL, these items are correctly listed....
      I am flummoxed....
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          Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
          Is this the same issue as you posted in OK to use RH with Subversion ? You might want to add a comment to divert people to this post instead, so people can find the discussion.

          I don't have Subversion myself, but I suspect the process would be similar. Hopefully someone with Subversion will correct anything that isn't.

          First, I have had a couple of projects which haven't upgraded all files correctly when moving from X5 to RH6. It seemed to help when I checked out the project manually before opening it in the newer version of Robohelp.

          As you say you are restoring an earlier version, possibly my original though about your issue wasn't correct. In this case, the following comments are our solutions to patching older versions of our help.

          I've found that if you need to go to an old version of RH, or someone else has worked on the project since you last did, it's best to delete the CPD file, as it seems to store information about files, so if any have been added or removed, the changes may not show up due to this "cache".

          Additionally, when you start to edit a topic robohelp will get the last version checked in. So if you want to work on an old version, it will automatically "get" the newer version when it checks out the file.

          The process we use is:

          1. Manually check out the entire project using SourceSafe. (this ensures RH won't try to checkout and get the latest file.)
          2. Show History and Get the specific version we want to work on. (In VSS, we use the Label function for each version, as it seems to do a better job of getting all the correct files than working on dates.)
          3. Delete the CPD file.
          4. Open the project in RH.

          If you then need to go back to the "newer" version, you have to do the same again, just getting the applicable version in step 2.

          Possibly there is an easier or more efficient method, but this works for us.

          Hope this helps,
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            Ben Minson Level 2

            You talk about rolling back to a previous revision and then losing some changes. Isn't that what happens if you go back to an earlier version? Or did you make the TOC and variable changes before you checked the project in on the 27th, and so those changes are what you're expecting to see in the revision you rolled back to?

            Amber's suggestion to delete the CPD and then open the project in RH may be what's needed. There's info about doing that on Peter Grainge's site, grainge.org.