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    migration from JetForms to LiveCycle Output ES2.5

    Tilsor - Diego Lema



      We have a JetForms/Solaris installation and we are thinking migrate to LC Output/Windows


      We need to know the following:


      1.- What are the steps involved in the migration 

      2.- What we needed to migrate our templates (.ifd) and data files (.dat) to LC Output?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Neal G. Davies Level 2

          Hi Diego


          Please refer to posted information on the topic - there is a lot of detail available


          There is a lot of information here


          This one has a voice over – you can relax and listen; great content –  highlighted on the previous page


          Including the Central Migration guide which addresses technical migration in detail – also on the second link but somwhat hard to find


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            Dave Venance

            HI Diego, there are a few things that you need to consider when migrating from JetForm Central over to LiveCycle Output:

            • Are you using any pre-ambles in your templates (LiveCycle does things differently than JetForm did, and much easier I might add but there may be some work involved in re-working your forms)
            • Are you running the latest version of Adobe Central Pro 5.7?  There is a migration tool that will allow you to load your IFDs directly into the LiveCycle Design tool but you need to be on the latest version of Central
            • You can use the migration bridge which will continue to actually use the JFMerge.exe program to do the data merge on LiveCycle but that is only intended to last for the duration of the migration as a stop gap measure
              • You will need to look at changing your .DAT file to a .XML file.  XML files are the standard for most systems today which may even be easier to create than the .DAT files
            • LiveCycle does not typically process anything in the data file but data elements (no formatting commands like any of the inline text processing commands)
              • You can simulate some of this by storing addition data elements that represent formatting and build your template to react to these data elements
            • You will need to re-create your JMD in LiveCycle but there is a graphical tool that lets you build these with a considerable number of new features like email, File I/O, FTP, Database...
              • There is also an SDK that you can leverage to extend LiveCycle to do other things rather than having to wait for Adobe to create a custom module


            As you can see, there are a lot of new things you can do with a LiveCycle based solution but there are also a lot of small things that you need to be aware of.  Neal has pointed out some of the migration documentation above that Adobe has and it is a good reference.  The migration guide is also an extremely detailed source of useful information.