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    Stuck between CS4 & CS5


      I am new to InDesign CS5, just upgraded from CS4.  I am having trouble understanding the "check out/in content".

      When I go to Adobe web site none of the tutorals work, I get the message 500:Internal Server error.


      Can anyone help me out?


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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Check in/check out is an InCopy function and is identical from CS4 to CS5.





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            lilafuente Level 1

            Thanks for the info, however I have never run into this when in CS3 or CS4.  Is there any where I can do to get some info on this topic?

            I don't know why I get the 500: internal server error when I try to open any of the tutorals at adobe.com

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              Are you using InCopy? If not, you should ignore Check In / Check Out.

              If you are getting an internal server error, you need to tell us what URL you are trying to open.

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                lilafuente Level 1

                Hi John,


                Thanks for your reply!


                We do not use InCopy, only InDesign.  I am not sure how it happened but a large

                amount of files showed up on my desktop and are purple with "IC" on the icon.


                Now I know that this is an incopy file but I am baffled on how it became an incopy file.

                We converted from Pagemaker 7 to InDesign CS3, then CS4, and now CS5.  I've never

                seen this happen before with any of the other versions.  Myself and one other person

                have a newsletter that we both work on.  We save it to our desktop and then also to

                a thumb drive for the other person.


                I work on a Imac and she on a pc. Is there anyway to deactivate incopy? 


                Also, you asked for the URL  I was using.  I was on the adobe web site and

                trying to open the tutorals and I got the same message for every file

                I tried to open. I went to the web site just now to get the URL and everything

                opened fine.  That's one problem taken care of.



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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)



                  I just want to remind you that everything is posted to the web. Please delete your personal information from email responses.

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                    lilafuente Level 1

                    Thank you!