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    Another question regarding Dates

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      Hi, I have another question regarding the use of the date field in Adobe Designer 8.  I have the field set up so that either the person can enter the date, lets say, 12-12-11 and it will convert to December 12, 2011, or, the user can click on the calendar that is attached to the date field and make a date selection.  My question is this.  Is there a way that not only can the calendar go to any date by selecting < or >, but can also go to a specific year << or >>?  We have contracts that extend for 2 and 3 years and would like to have this option available.


      Thanks for any help you can provide. 


      Below is how I currently have my date fields set up.


      In the Field section:

      Display Pattern:  MMMM D, YYYY

      Edit Pattern:  M-D-YY


      Value section:

      MMMM D, YYYY

      Date must be entered as i.e., January 12, 2012


      Binding section:

      MMMM D, YYYY