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    Adobe Reader 10.1.1 Won't Print




      I am using Adobe Reader 10.1.1 on both my laptop and my desktop.  Both have Windows 7.


      There is no problem with the laptop, however.....


      On the desktop, I can print all PDFs EXCEPT  when I am on a website that uses pdf files.


      The PDF document appears and the (disappearing/re-appearing) Adobe control functions icons appear.


      On my laptop, which works fine, when I click the print or save icons, the icon turns from grey to white and Adobe responds (ie shows the printer dialog box.)


      However, when I try this on my on my desktop, nothing happens.


      The icons stay shadowed, and do not turn white and nothing happens when I click them.


      There is no error dialog.   I use a Samsung 2010 laser printer.


      Can you please help me?


      ps I tried uninstalling and re-installing 10.1.1 without success.


      - Michael