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    Internet Explorer 9 and Adobe Flash Player (cannot install it).




      I've been recently having an issue with IE 9, in which I simply can't install Flash Player.

      It all started after me having some issues with my graphic card's drivers (though everything is fine now - just an idiotic Windows function that was blocking hem) and in the end needing to preform varied tasks, like a clean boot, removing malware, using programs like CCleaner, defragging and such. The situation is that, though I don't actually use IE9, apparently some game's launchers do and having the browser's Adobe FP all screwed up is preventing me from playing said games.

      I go to the "get Adobe Flash Player" page and when I click the download button, nothing happens and the page simply refreshes. And the wierdest part is that when going to the link http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ I get this:

      AdobeFP - IE9.png

      Though I'm not able to see the "Adobe Flash Player - Successfully installed." video, I do get the Version information box and with the current version. But this is a lie! I don't have FP or at least is not active. Like I've said, my issue really isn't IE9, but mainly the game's that I'm not able to play.

      I've tried everything, contacted every game's support and nothing. Hell I'm not even sure the issue is completely related o Adobe FP, but I really am out of options (and I read somewhere that it could be related to FP).


      Here's the list of things I've already tried and didn't work:

      • Malware - ran multiple scanners and the AV and they found nothing.
      • Tried disabling the AV. Didn't work.
      • Tried uninstalling AFP, rebooting, and installing again without any internet connection, didn't work.
      • No, IE9 was not blocking my downloads.
      • Video drivers - re-installed them and no, it's not related to it.
      • Forum - Followed every forum's "Common Installion Help Topics" guides and they solved nothing. Couldn't find an identical thread neither.
      • I've searched the web countless times and didn't find nothing, as well.
      • Re-installed the mentioned games, but it didn't solve it.
      • (Needless to say that this really is only related with IE9. Chrome and Firefox have no such issues)


      I'll be anxiously waiting any reply.


      Thank you for your attention,