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    Assembler Service : query

    AmbikaM Level 1



      I need to convert xdps into a single pdf. I have used Assembler service to convert the xdps to single xdp and then rendered the merged xdp into a pdf using renderPDFForm.


      This two way process is time consuming and after observation I figured out that renderPDFForm is taking more time than stitching the xdps. I want to know which is the better and efficient approach:

      1. Stitching many xdps (say 5 to 20) into one xdp and then rendering it into a PDF using renderPDFForm
      2. Stitching xdps into a pdf in the Assembler Service itself.




      Please let me know the pros and cons of the both the approaches.


      Thanks in advance!

      Ambika Mittal