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    lllustrator and Photoshop display different colors despite synchronized CS5 Color Settings

    Thomas Dearie Level 2

      I've got some students who noticed that Illustrator and Photoshop display completely different colors on screen for eactly the same RGB values despite Color Settings being synchronized.



      Settings are:


      CSF: North American Web/Internet  (RGB color space = sRGB),

      Proof Set-up: Internet Standard sRGB

      Proof Colors turned On.

      RGB Values:  R=0  G= 162  B=211



      But colors displayed are not close between Ai and Ps.


      With Proof Colors turned off, both apps display the colors reasonably closely.


      I teach Photoshop and Print Color Management, so I admit my knowledge of how Illustrator handles screen proofing and proof set-ups for screen destinations is not comprehensive.


      I expect I'm missing some difference in the two apps' behaviour.


      Any info from anyone experienced in this corner of the field appreciated.